Tracy Porter
John Lyons Select Certified TrainerDon Cunda
  Don Cunda was Caz’s mentor!
Named after Don Cunda Figeroa of Puerto Rico…
he was affectionally called Cunda.
Bolero LaCE
Quite the character, he was also a showman.
A Multi National Champion in both in Fino and Bella Forma Classes & was listed the Top Ten Sire 8 times.
His dam, Yoconda, was an outstanding
reining and ranch mare from Colombia.
His sire Marichal was also a
Multi National Champion and Top Ten Sire.
Cunda & Marichal were on the Top Ten List
at the same time!
Grand sire National Champion Bolero LaCE is one of 6 Foundation Sires for our breed.
Don Cunda at age 18!
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  His offspring are personable, versatile, willing horses. One has only to look at a horse and know he’s one of Cunda’s. We decided to keep some Cunda mares to breed to Caz in the future.
Don Cunda, age 9


Cunda was 26 years old, strong and still settling mares. His last filly was born in July, just days before his death.

Cunda & Oliver enjoying a winter day.

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