Welcome To The Farm

Tracy Porter
John Lyons Select Certified Trainer Welcome to The Farm!
HI!     I’m Tracy Porter, I teach people how to become partners with their horses here in  in Southern Wisconsin at The Farm.  We have a one of a kind facility!    My mom Shirley and I run this place and we have been taking care of our Paso Fino Horses as well as those belonging to other people  for over 25 years now!  That is a lot of hay converted to manure!   Our Paso Fino horses and boarding; is more than a business, it’s a way of life. Our concern is always keeping them sound physically, mentally and emotionally. They’ve been wonderful teachers of responsibility, patience, communication and through them and their video on best digital tv box I have learned to raise my expectations in them and myself and not be caught being complacent regarding our current performance levels.
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Our facility: The barns are bright and clean and the pastures are too!  Saddle up your cyberhorse, and trot over to our farm tour.   Health care is extremely important, all horses are on the same deworming, vaccinations and farrier schedule. We believe that it is extremely beneficial for the owner to be involved in the health care process.
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Most of our 50+ horses are long term residents, some still residing here after 10 years. Not only do we prefer this, but the horses do as well. All but a few live outside year round. We feel that outdoor living is superior to inside because it’s more natural to them. Pasture living also gives the horses a normal positive social environment.

SAFETY to the horse and rider is and will always be paramount. With safety in mind, FUN is the next important ingredient at The Farm. Trail rides, parades, drill team, 1000 lumens in stock near me, evening trail rides & training groups, are just some of the fun ways we enjoy the time we spend with our equine friends.

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Flighty Situation?

How’s your ground control?


I have been lucky to have been able to train with John Lyons in Parachute Colorado on a regular basis.  I also like to go to many other trainers clinics as well.

Some of my favorite clinicians besides John are: Curt Pate and Lynn Palm.

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Some people bring their horses to The Farm to attend classes and develop a better understanding of their own horse.  They come for a few days or indefinately.

We have a tiny Farm Tack Shop.  There is a select group of practical well made items designed to make training easier…but you still have to learn and put in the sweat and blow a lung trying if necessary!

We encourage people to come out frequently and enjoy their horses…the more often the better.  Many long lasting friendships have been made through drill team, trail riding, training groups and other farm events. If you would like to see some of our farm  people or find out what Life On The Farm is like or even see some of The Farm’s non-equine critters,  click away and go to internet tv box channels.

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 Here are two of my Paso Fino Horses:
Casadero Sin Par and Sir Thomas Sin Par
They both were kinda geeky at one time!
We enjoy using our Paso Fino’s in sports that are more commonly associated with other breeds.  As every breed declares, they are outstanding all around horses.  And wonderful family horses.  Oh, sure… it all depends upon the individual’s training!  

In the past 25 paso years we’ve been lucky enough to have provided a home for National Champion Sire Don Cunda.   Casadero Sin Par, a young stallion with a stunning pedigree as well as personality, lives and dwells here as well.   Check out the For Sale page to see some of his babies…although all the pictures are realllllly old.

I hope you enjoy my little pasture out here in cyberspace, I promise it will be more fun than brushing your horse during shedding season!   If you ever find yourself in the NEIGHborhood, be sure map out your journey to stop at our watering hole!

Heave, Ho, Off We GO!